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On 31st December 1941 José María Iriondo Ansola, a young entrepreneur from Mendaro (Gipuzkoa), starts a small factory close to his home in Kapaingua, in Mendarozabal district. The beginnings were not easy for the CMI brand, manufacturing vises, clamps and special machines, always striving to find the product that would open the door to the market.


The Z-drum extractor pump is the first CMI product to launch successfully, allowing Iriondo to make a name for itself in the world of pumping and dominate the domestic market for the next 30 years. The pump is manufactured in several versions, in accordance with the task to be carried out. This model would later be joined by its little sister, the X-drum gear pump.


Continuing with the Z-drum model, CMI launches headlong into the pump manufacturing market with the development of the Type A Gear Pump, a simple but effective multifunction model capable of handling both cooling fluids and agricultural fertilisers, resins and all kinds of oils, and which even today continues to have the most extensive manufacturing range on the market.

This decade also sees the development of the Type F Pump, coupled directly to the motor in a simple monoblock assembly, in response to specific industrial requirements in the field of hydrocarbons and oil. This model is still available today, in a much more precise, improved, modern version.


A large number of machine tool manufacturers are bursting onto the industrial map in the Basque Country. CMI responds to this need with its MB and BC electropump models, along with small independent lubrication units for machinery.

Antonio Iriondo Ulacia, José María's nephew, joins CMI's team, taking a huge technical step forward. An electrotechnical laboratory is also set up, and manufacture of motors up to 0.75 HP starts. All of this while expanding its facilities and modernising its machinery.


The company Construcciones Mecánicas Iriondo, S.A., which still continues today, is founded in 1982 under the firm management and administration of Gloria and Jesusa Iriondo Ulacia. This new administrative step strengthens our company's presence on the market, especially in the machine tool and agricultural machinery markets.

New immersion motor pump models appear –the EBP peripheral pump is a classic model in the new CNC machines of the time–, and the MB, BC, PM and BCT range is extended, in order to meet market needs in a wide range of different solutions.

The old Z-pump becomes obsolete in terms of market needs, and is replaced by the new, modern EB model (electric drum electropump).


Changes in market needs lead the company to produce higher pressure models, in particular the BCM multi-stage motor pump model, thus ensuring it can meet manufacturers' requirements in terms of high-pressure solutions.

A profound crisis at the start of this decade directly affects the machine tool industry, which CMI successfully overcomes by setting its sights on new markets both at home and overseas.
This decade also sees the latest and largest expansion of our industry, with Mendaro becoming an important industrial hub in our area thanks to the creation of three industrial parks.


Manufacture of the AL Type stainless steel gear pump starts in order to meet emerging requirements in the olive, food and chemical industries, and also to ensure compliance with the latest regulations.

The BCM model is upgraded with the BCM-2, a higher-performance model capable of reaching up to 25 bar and with the option of working with liquids with particles.

Ignacio Iriondo Saint-Gerons, the third generation of the family, joins the company, which sets up an in-house quality system and continues to develop and improve existing models, while also acquiring new cutting-edge machinery and preparing up to six different test benches. The workforce is freshened up with new highly trained staff, who remain to this day.


The progressive decline of gear pumps in the agricultural market is offset by the opening up of other markets for this product, thanks to the appearance of new needs in the fields of recycling and new biological fuels. CMI is using its extensive experience to break into this new field, offering a competitive, effective product. We are also building up an online presence and looking more and more at the overseas market.

A complete series of BCX and BPX exterior peripheral and centrifugal pumps is created, in order to complete our range and better serve our current and future customers. The classic A and F models are modernised, reaching new levels in terms of pressure and quality.


We start this new decade with the goal of continuing to improve, to remain attentive to your needs, and to continue offering all our knowledge to our customers, who are the reason we are here.
Thank you for placing your trust in us.

In our heartfelt, loving memory of José María Iriondo Ansola and Antonio Iriondo Ulacia.


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