Type F Gear Pump

Type F Gear Pump


Type F gear pumps are characterised by their high-quality manufacture and carefully selected materials which, combined with perfect adjustment of the components, produce a high-performance pump in both transfer and pumping of low viscosity non-oxidising liquids (oils, diesels, petrochemical derivatives...) at low and medium pressure.

F-Series pumps are characterised by:

  • High precision in adjustment, suitable with medium/low viscosity fluids and oils.
  • Equipped with safety by-pass valve.
  • High-performance bearings.
  • Ultraquiet, smooth operation, for easy joining to a wide range of 4-, 6- or 8-pole asynchronous motors.
  • Approvable according to ATEX Standard.

The standard design for the Type F gear pumps includes the following materials:

  • Cast-iron body and cover.
  • Gears and shafts in case-hardened steel.
  • Sealing gasket in the body for sealtight integrity and easy cleaning.
  • Sealing by graphite packing or mechanical seal, customisable to the requirements of each job.
  • Special implementations are available as an option, along with the application of heat and/or surface treatments for specific uses.

As standard, the Type F pumps are equipped with a discharge by-pass valve to regulate the output pressure. In principle, this means it can only turn in one direction. If the pump is to be used for two-way operation, a separate mechanical seal can be installed to order, in which case the pump will come without a valve.

This pump's design makes it suitable to work up to 1450 rpm at 50 Hz, or 1670 rpm at 60 Hz, with fluids up to 350 cSt (eq. SAE 120). Speed should be adapted for higher viscosities, using a 6- or 8-pole motor or even a geared motor; in the case of very high viscosities, use the Type A model, which has an optimised design for maximum flow at low speeds.

A maximum temperature up to 180°C for the liquid to be decanted is achieved with the standard mechanical seal. The pump can be used in a higher temperature range with a cooled mechanical seal. The model with a packing seal is suitable for transferring liquids up to 250°C.

The maximum working pressure in operation in the standard model is 12 bar. As an option, the pump can be prepared to work with pressures up to 25 bar.


General upflow and transfer of oils, including mineral and vegetable oils, diesels, petrols, fuel oil from burners, greasing, lubrication and cooling networks in machine tools, constant flow hydraulic drives and, in general, any viscous liquid without solid particles in suspension.

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